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Doctor B’luru cycle around Karnataka in 119 hours

Doctor B'luru cycle around Karnataka in 119 hours
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Bengaluru: Heavy rain at 6 am at Vidhana Soudha on October 8 was shown to Ultra-bicycle riders Dr.
Srinivas Gokulnath What was in the store during the race around Karnataka (Raka) he was following.
But when he returned to Vidhana Soudha at 5.13 in the morning on October 13 – cycling throughout the country – he knew the rain fell only one of the many challenges on the way.
Under the race around Karnataka, Dr.
Srinivas covers the edges of 2,240 km Karnataka in a short time – it takes 119 hours and 13 minutes to ride through a difficult but beautiful route: Mulbagal-Chikkaballala-Madhugiri-Kudli-Sandur-Ballari -Raichur-Yadgir- Bidar-Kalaburagi-Jamakhandi-Bellagunavi-Joida-Karwar-Honnavar-Kundapur-Udupi-Mangaluru-MySuru-Mandya-Bengaluru.
During a four-day trip to 23-13 minutes, he only slept for seven hours to record an average speed of 18.8kmph.
The trip, said Dr.
Srinivas, was to explore the country of origin and reduced the route so that it became an annual race for ultra-rider cyclones from India and abroad.
The pandemic pushed it and his 10-anfon to lock the route.
Lately, Dr.
Srinivas has not been able to compete abroad – his annual improvement – due to travel restrictions.
So the Srini team decided to replicate events such as races throughout America (RAAM) and RAA (competing around Austria).
“When Austria with the edge of 2,200 km can do it, why isn’t Karnataka?” We ask ourselves and the results are competing around Karnataka, “said Dr.
Srinivas, who entered the armed forces medical services, are currently posted in Assam.
Problems and Blissbesides The Downpour, 30% of 2,240km-stretch is bad, especially in the Kalyana region Karnataka.
There is also a steep stretch between Ballari and Raichur, Mangalore and Madikeri.
The total elevation gain is 15,800m.
“Group cycling from Bengaluru, Kalaburagi, Jamakhandi, Madikeri and Bidar entertained me even when I reached places in the middle of the night,” he said .
While the fraternity of doctors memalingkannya in Mangaluru, police beach create a green corridor for parts that are smooth on October 10.
Race around Karnataka is going home that is perfect for Dr.
Srinivas after Raam and RAA.
“Karnataka North offers views of the meadows and agriculture were amazing, While in the Kodagu it is mountains.
It was very pleasant to soak in the beauty of the Krishna River, Bheema and Cauvery, “he said.
The resilience cyclist Monish Calappa and Rajkumar Koth led the race for the Ultra-Cycling World Association.
After certified, the Srini team will make a race around Karnataka The State Race of 2022.

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