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NCB begged Bapu to fight Aryan Bail Plea; Possibility order on October 20

NCB begged Bapu to fight Aryan Bail Plea; Possibility order on October 20
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Mumbai: After the day-to-day hearing about the implementation of Aryan Khan’s guarantee, 23, son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, a special trial judge on Thursday was protected by law and the possibility of sorting on October 20.
Khan will be submitted in Arthur Road Jail.
Narmatika Bureau Bureau (NCB), ASG Anil Singh, begging Mahatma Gandhi and the freedom of fighters to argue that the threat of drugs cannot be permitted in the land of its freedom.
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Senior adviser Amit Desai for Aryan Khan against, said that as part of the struggle of freedom, what was fought for as well as freedom, fundamental rights, and doctrine of legal rules and the need for compliance with the law and constitutional principles.
“We cannot pick up small children at the bottom of the food chain as consumers and put them in prison,” Desai said.
The trial before the courtroom was packaged from the Special NDPS Judge V V Patil.
The judge called for a case paper.
The court has also booked orders in two other guarantee applications – people from Khan’s friend Arbaaz Merchant, 26, and Munmun Dhamecha, 28 models of Madhya Pradesh.
Singh, who concluded his shipment on Thursday, said Plea Bail was not imposed at this stage because investigations were still active and agencies were seeking an external ministry assistance to investigate foreign contact and chat alleged to investigate the alleged international connection.
He also said that because there was a number of recovered commercial drugs from other accusations, shackles on guarantees would apply below Section 37 of the drug law and psychotropic substances (NDPS).
That part makes it difficult for guarantees to be given when violations involve commercial quantities.
ASG also denied Khan’s filing had no ownership, because he said that because traders were found with Charas and both claimed to want to smoke, it became a “conscious ownership.”
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Desai said not only drugs found in Khan, alleged statements, both of which have been withdrawn, best talk about the future consumption of small amounts of Charas, legal drugs in many countries for small quantities.
Desai added, “Abdul Shaikh was appointed by another defendant who was Khan and Merchant did not have a connection, and they could not be dragged to or made part of such a conspiracy now when their arrest did not involve all silver or suspected conspiracy.”
Singh said the NCB can beg for part 29 of the NDPS law (conspiracy) at each stage during the investigation.
Desai denied the allegations and said, “It was wrong to say that he (Khan) was involved in drug trafficking or the chain of drugs and it was an inherent absurd suspicion.”
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For Singh’s submission that NCB was a responsible institution and did his job, Desai said, “I fully agree with Singh about the great work done by NCB.” He added, “Not only in India but throughout the world there is a threat of drugs needed to be handled.
Kudos to the department, they say they even put their lives in danger to protect the public, but Liberty is also very important and the reformative doctrine is noticed.”

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