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Nscn-im sensitise dragon manipur about peace negotiations

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Guwahati: NSCN (IM) has been plunged into the arena of Manipur’s election by bringing peace talks that are not convincing with the center as a problem for the polls where Nagas has the second highest population outside Nagaland.
Manipur’s population of more than 28 lakh.
(Census 2011), around five lakh is a combination of several dragon tribes, most of which live on the hill.
The majority group, Meiteis, which consists of more than 53% of the population, occupies the valley.
Of the 60 seats in the state, 40 are on the hill and the remaining 20 in the valley.
NSCN (IM) Supremo Th Muivah comes from Somdal Village, Ukrul Regency of Manipura from NSCN (IM) said, “With the Manipur Assembly election campaign heated up”, Zeilad Group in the Tamengong Manipur District “in full equipment to make people understand the importance The ongoing indo-dragon political talks with reference to the framework (FA) agreement, “which was signed before PM Narendra Modi in 2015 at the New Delhi.a discourse was held for the HengLep assembly constituency.
Manipur at the Conference Hall of all Dragon student associations, Manipur under the Aegis Zeilad region.
It was attended by all village authorities, civil society organizations, youth wings and student organizations, which extended their full support with the ongoing Indo-Dragon political talks based on the framework of August 3, 2015, the statement said.
“The importance of the LEST LIEST Award is trapped by an immoral element / agent only for politics and appealing to people who attend never compromise the rights of dragons for monetary increases,” it was reminded of the discourse engaged in the path and yang It will be coming soon for NSCN (IM) and the center to accelerate the dragon peace process based on the framework agreement including the National Dragon flag and Naga Constitution (Yehzabo).
Ey also decided that “the solution must be inclusive, respectable, and can be accepted by dragon people based on the uniqueness of the history of the dragon.”

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