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Sarma opened the Eighth Medical College of Assam at Lakhimpur

Sarma opened the Eighth Medical College of Assam at Lakhimpur
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Guwahati: Chairman of Himanta Minister Buswa Sarma on Tuesday inaugurated the Lakhimpur Medical College and Hospital (LMCH), eighth Medical College Hospital in the state in the Lakhimur Assam District above.
Sarma calls it the main project that will provide a big boost to the state medical infrastructure.
LMCH has been built at a cost of Rs 500.89 Crore at 168 BIGHA wide land in Lakhimpur.
The new Medical College has 100 intake capacity.
With the inauguration of medical colleges, the total number of MBBS seats in the country has now reached 1,100.
LMCH has five advanced lecture halls, accommodation facilities for 430 students, 122 internship workers and 66 doctors each from housing for medical staff and paramedics.
Speaking on that occasion, Sarma called a historic day in the history of quality health care delivery system in the state.
“With the inauguration of the Lakhimpur medical college as a medical college and eighth hospital in the state, the sophisticated health needs of the people of Dhemuji, Lakhimpur and Biswanath Regency will be very meeting,” Sarma said.
He congratulated Assam and everyone who had played a role in giving forms to the hospital, which he said would help in rendering quality and advanced health services.
CM adds that medical colleges will be increased to the postgraduate level to meet the needs of super-special doctors.
He added that his government seeks to introduce postgraduate medical education at all medical colleges, which provide the current postgraduate degree.
The chairman of the minister assured that in the coming years all villages in Assam would have at least two doctors.
In the next financial year, he told that the state government would establish five medical colleges in various districts and cancer hospitals to be built in Lakhimpur along with dental colleges and BSC nursing institutions.
Sarma also announced that an integrated DC office will be built in Lakhimpur along with the mega sports complex.

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