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School in Kolkata held a campus online tour

School in Kolkata held a campus online tour
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Kolkata: A number of institutions have tried to “introduce” school ideas to toddlers, bringing them on a virtual tour of the place and talking about how it will be on campus.
Most of these children have never stepped into school and for them, the class means sitting in front of the device, with parents on the side.
Some schools have also begun to call a junior class to campus for group shooting, only to learn the readiness among children and parents.
While some children seemed eager to be friends, most apparently were too shy to talk to anyone, preferring to live near their parents.
“But the good thing is almost nothing crying.
They are rather shy in the beginning but when they stand in the queue, far from their parents, they quickly adjust.
It was a short visit for 30 minutes but in the end, there were almost no children – Children who seem to want to go.
Once in the playground, they ran like a free bird, “said the mother of a child, who studied at a playgroup in a school in the middle Kolkata.
Teachers and officials told to say that they had prepared children for “big days” for weeks.
“In the online class, we have shown them video compounds, playgrounds and classrooms to adjust it to school when they come here for the first time.
The teacher has also taught small password students in subjects, such as’ my school ‘and’ me Like my school ‘, to teach them how the school is true, “said Devi Kar, a modern high school.
At Calcutta Girls High School, Teachers sometimes have held classes from the school playground and bring children on virtual streets through corridors and compounds.
“The teacher has also begun to write in Blackboards and ask students to follow them.
We realize this is all a small effort to prepare children for real schools,” said Ruby Banerjee, who studied his grandson at school.
Teachers in several schools have also asked parents to minimize their children during online classes and let children have their own snacks.
“Their students and parents told the teacher during the online class how they looked forward to reopening the school.
We will arrange a detailed orientation session for children and parents.
Virtual school tours for elementary school students will also be done soon after they start back to Campus from next month, “said Loveleen Saigal, Principal, Birla High School.
Future Foundation School has called for several young students to the school field as part of Paray Shikhalay.
Officials said it helped them familiarize children with teachers, classmates and overall school life.
Point South Trustee Krishna Damani said they would guide toddlers – who have never been in real schools – gradually.
“Fortunately it was the end of the academic session and we would not pressure children at all when they returned to school.
As for preparing students for a smooth comeback, we will plan our way about it in a few days,” Damani said.

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