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SMC to meet 35% power demand through renewable sources

SMC to meet 35% power demand through renewable sources
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Letter: Letter of Municipal Corporation (SMC) may be the only city corporation in a country that has developed infrastructure to generate nearly 35% of its annual energy demand through renewable sources.
SMC produces electricity through wind, sun and biogas-based power plants.
It functions at their full capacity, this plant can produce total 51-megawatt (MW) electricity every year.
Another green power plant unit will be added to the SMC list when the Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel inaugurates the SMC (WPP) wind power plant from 6.3 MW on Friday.
The factory has been arranged at a cost of Rs 42.45 Crore in Kutch Sukhsan Village.
This can produce 1.82 units of crore every year and have 20 years old.
SMC’s annual power request is 28 units of Crore while the renewable energy production capacity is 9.9 units of crore.
“SMC is probably the only city corporation that has developed a renewable energy infrastructure that can produce 35% of its annual energy needs.
We consistently work on the front while also focusing on innovation to further increase renewable energy production,” said the city commissioner city, Banchhanidhi Pani.
The first WPP setup was in November 2010 in Gosa Village in Porbandar and since then a total of six WPPs have been developed in Jamnagar, Porbandar and Kutch.
Total power production through WPP is 38.7 MW.
SMC has also developed 7 MW solar power plants and 5.35 MW biogas power plants.
“By producing renewable energy, we have succeeded in reducing our annual greenhouse gas emissions of 70,000 tons.
This is a big contribution to fight the effects of climate change,” said K H Khatwani, an additional city engineer, SMC.
SMC has so far invested RS 216 Crore to establish a renewable power plant plant.
Against the investment has received RS 254 Crore’s revenue after deducting operational costs, said the source in the Civic body.
The previous installed power plant will continue to operate for the next 13 years.
“As part of innovation, we explore how we can install solar power plants in the city,” Pani added.

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