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COSBILE, medicine: Sukhbir, Wife Curse Roggoers

COSBILE, medicine: Sukhbir, Wife Curse Roggoers
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Amritsar: Sad who was emotionally charged (b) President Sukhbir Singh Badal and his wife-KK Harsymrat Kaur Badal on Wesnesday praying so that no one still plays politics on the problem of blasphemy and drugs.
When talking to the media, Sukhbir said, “I pray that there is nothing left of the people who have played politics about the problem of blasphemy and the same thing for me”.
He alleged that the researchers incident Sorus had never pursued the perpetrators who added Kunwar Vijay Parth Singh, former Inspector General of the Police who had investigated the cases of the sickles more interested in his political future, he said, justified.
After he joined AAP and now held assembly elections.
Alleged that the Congress only considers the problem of blasphemy to weaken sadness (b), he said, “This is the reason why I pray today that not only should not be in the lives of all those who have politicized this sensitive problem but not only that no What is left of them in the election of upcoming assembly also “.
Regardless of any organization, he said there were several groups who called themselves “Panthic” organizations and Panth’s face but, he said these groups were actually traitors and anti-ass bodies.
Likewise, MP wife Sukhbir Harmimrat Kaur Badal and Minister of Female Akali Bikram Singh Majithia said: “I pray that the Almighty can take everything from my brother Bikram if he ever deals with drugs or has a relationship with drug trafficking but at the time I also pray that God will take everything from those who play politics on behalf of my brother “.
By stating that he had full confidence in the Divine Justice of the teacher, Harsymrat said: “I am sure t.
The truth of the hat will come out and they are truly guilty of these sins and crimes and those who allow this actor to escape just to promote narratives Their conspiracy for SAD (B) must face a penalty for one day “.

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