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Karnataka Govt looks for a central nod to issue DL digital

Bengaluru: Immediately, the rider in Karnataka might not need to visit RTOS to get a SmartCard SIM (DL) or wait to arrive by post.
The government has decided to stop issuing smart cards for the DLS registration certificate and vehicle (RCS).
While the transportation department has issued RCS in digital format since November 1, now it has been looking for central permissions to allow the issuance of DLS through the same mode.
Kumar Kumar Kataria, Main Secretary, Department of Transportation, told Toi: “According to the Guidelines for the Ministry of Transportation and the Highway (Morus), there is no coercion to carry physical documents or smart cards.
We have received several complaints about the delay in getting RCS or new DL because Lack of smart cards.
We have stopped issuing cards for RCS since November 1 and DLS will be next.
There is no abuse because all vehicle details are available on the Venan portal.
“He said Bengaluru became an IT capital in the country had been leading in this matter.
“There is a monopoly one or two smart card providers.
We will also save a large amount of money,” he added.
“Under the rules of the Central Motor Vehicle, each DL must be a laminate or smart card.
Now, because Digital DL has been allowed as an authentic document, the supply of compulsory card issuance can be deleted.
This is an unnecessary expenditure and also leads to delays in publishing.
this can be checked and the terms can be changed, “Reading a letter from the Chief Secretary P Ravikumar to Morth.
Toi has a copy.
After nodding Morth, the government will also issue DL in digital mode.
Riders can use this digitally signed certificate such as RCS and DL via DigiLocker or show mold if there is a traffic police or transportation officials asking them.
They can also laminate digital documents on the aadhaar line.
Riders, especially those who pass / update licenses or buy vehicles / make changes to RC vehicles in the state, have complained about delays in getting smart cards.
There is a stack of almost two months.
Although the Department of Transportation blames smart card suppliers, the latter quotes global semiconductor deficiencies.
The source said because there was a monopoly with one or two smart card providers in the country, the department was not in a position for a tender memo.
“This is a technology transition from a smart card to digital documents, such as the Metro evolved from a smart card to QR-based cellphone tickets,” said an official.
In 2009, the department switched from paper-based licenses and RCS to smart cards.
However, both departments and traffic police do not have card readers so there is no way to check the authenticity of smart cards.
This center has enabled motorists throughout the country to use MPARIVAHAN or DIGILOCKER on cellphones starting October 1, 2020 instead of carrying physical documents while traveling.
Various reactions to Moveaddressing a press conference here, Jalan Kamal Soi’s safety expert claims Karnataka’s decision to shift RCS from smart cards to digital format.
“With only 3.5 Crore DigiLocker users in this country, the format cannot be justified,” he said.
However, many Bengalurean welcomed moved.
Pradeep K, a citizen Koramangala, said: “Already, people have too many cards in the wallet.
When many residents use UPI-based applications in the city of technology, managing DLS Digital and RCS will not be a difficult task.
In addition, anyone can make SmartCards Cuplicate.

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