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Hole: HC guarantee on the BBM head engineer

Hole: HC guarantee on the BBM head engineer
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Bengaluru: The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday issued a warrant that was responded to against Engineer Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Mahanaagara (BBMP) in connection with the pillar of public interest in Potholes in Bengaluru City when he failed to appear in court.
The division bench led by the Chairman of the Rujian Judge Raj Awasthi directed the Bengaluru City Police Commissioner to execute a warrant and produced BBMP engineers in front of the court on February 17.
In accordance with the sequence of engineers, the engineer was needed to be physically present before the court on Tuesday, but Civic’s body advice said he was sick.
“If the in-chief engineers are not in a position to appear before the court today, requests for liberation appearance can be made in the morning and the application is submitted.
However, no one was asked.
When the case was taken.
When the case was taken up, the court was informed by the advice that the in-chief engineers were not present, “Bench said.
The court heard pills submitted in 2015 by Vijayan Menon and others.
During his previous hearing, the court had expressed concern about the occurrence of death due to a hole in Jalan Bengaluru.
Observing that the incident should not relapse, the bench has asked why fir it cannot be registered with the engineers responsible and explores him not to act.
Repeating it will not be a backup officer because it does not fill the hole, the bench has directed the BBMP engineer to be present on the next hearing date.

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