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PM Talks about ‘Nawan Punjab’ Free Debt & Medicine in Rally

PM Talks about 'Nawan Punjab' Free Debt & Medicine in Rally
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Jalandhar: At his first physical election rally ahead of the Punjab poll in Jalandhar on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was expanded in the party slogan “Nawan Punjab, Bhajpa de Naal” (Punjab Baru with BJP), and made the tone for the new punjab will be free from Debt, corruption, mafia and medicine and full opportunities for everyone.
Referring to “an unprecedented enthusiasm for change” in Punjab, he said that he was sure Punjab would have an alliance government led by BJP.
Trying hard to attack people, he said, “Punjab has given me so much so whatever I do to pay for it add to my determination to do more.” Urging the crowd to raise the slogan, “Nawan Punjab, Bhajpa de Naal”, he said, “The new chapter of development began in Punjab.
The state can develop only if Punjab takes place …” focusing on drug problems, he said that BJP would not leave a rock missed to make a free punjab medicine.
He then asked people, especially women, to visualize if a family had everything and every comfort in life but what would happen if a family son fell in a drug trap.

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