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RS 900-CR Package for B’luru Storm Water Channel: CM

RS 900-CR Package for B'luru Storm Water Channel: CM
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Bengaluru: In an effort to give Bengalurean a similarity that the flood that destroys the Indian silicon valley will not repeat itself next year, the Chairman of the Minister of Bumavaraj Bommai on Wednesday announced a special package of Rs 900 Crore to complete a long primer of 87 km and secondary storm waterways in North Bengaluru.
“The BBMP official has explained to me that there is a need to build a 51km long primary SWD and 36 Km Secondary SWD in North Bengaluru, in the specific 110 villages added to nail jurisdictions to reduce the chances of low floods lying down.
For this purpose, I have asked Commissioners The main BBMP to prepare detailed project reports (DPR) for the purpose and send it to the government.
The initial estimate shows maybe cost the RS 900 Crore, which I will release immediately after the DPR is ready, “said Bommai.
CM said he had instructed the products to ensure that the Masterplan for SWDS was also prepared simultaneously and that every size that might need to be taken to avoid other episodes of next year’s flood.
“The works must be completed before the next rain and also told BBMP officials to demand all SWDs, including tertiary channels, immediately to ensure free water flow,” CM said.
Bommai said he had also been told about the important points in Bengaluru, which was estimated to be around 94 locations around the city.
He said important points for flowing water would be released from obstacles.
BBMP has also been directed by CM to remove illegal 714 construction on the SWD at the earliest.
“While I have told the BBMP to give poor people adequate time to move, with notifications served in advance, real estate developers who have built the structure must be immediately destroyed,” he said.
Furthermore, BWSSB was also asked to complete the existing disposal work because incomplete sewers added to the flood chaos.
Previously, in the expression of seriousness, Bommai said that he held a meeting at the BBMP headquarters to send messages that he personally maintained the problem.
“I want to send a message to the BBMP engineers that the government is personally in ensuring that there is no repetition of the same incident again,” he said.

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