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The ‘kalpwas’ moon starts at Maghmela with Purnima’s Purnima ‘Sean’

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Prasagraj: As’ Sang ‘Second Holy Mayun (Holy Saus’ (Holy Sauce) Magh Mela was held here on Monday on the occasion of Purnima,’ Kalpwas’ throughout the month it also began on the banks of a sandy river.
Like the previous year, this year too, this year too, this year Only those who are fully vaccinated and adhering to the Covid-19 protocol are being allowed to camp for ‘kalpwas’.
Although a very large number of Kalpwasis has arisen this time compared to the previous foundation due to Covid-19 and the rigorous obligations of the authorities, many are brave reddened and pandemic to spend the whole month, which will end on February 16 on the occasion of Maghi Purnima, on the Mela campus.
Along with a large number of forecases and thousands of Kalpwasis, around 3 Lakh people took holy sauce on the occasion of Purnima, the second day of driving in the river Ganga and Sangam.
“Although droplets of the worshipers who arrived in the Mela area were thin on Mondays, especially because of K The ondition is cold, because sunny sunlight dominates the blue sky which results in an increase in temperature, the inclusion of heavy worshipers is witnessed.
At 11 o’clock in the morning, 1.25 lakh swelling had taken holy sauce and at 4 pm, the figure had increased to 3 lakh, “said Mela Adhikari, Shesh Mani Pandey.” We have made elaborative arrangements for calcipation and all the people with focusing on Compliance in the Covid-19 protocol and maintain cleanliness in the Mela area, “he added.
The arrival of Kalpavasis in the Mela area continued for Saturday and even Sunday.
Almost all of them were associated with a fortune teller and living in their ‘teacher’ camps Activities Facilities provided by the administration.
From Monday and so on, thousands of calcipation of various parts of the state and also from other states, M Emeri religious practices throughout their restrained and disciplined months.
With the desire to be released from the shackles of life and death, because it is believed that by practicing Kaldia, the door of heaven is open to worshipers after their death.
Along with spiritual views, scientific is also important in Kalpawas.
“According to religious beliefs, a person receives a virtuous result in the Magha at the Bank of Sangam in Tirtharaj Prasis.
Bathing during Kalpawas has the same fruit by donating cow crores every day.
Therefore, in the month of Purnima, a resolution was taken for bathing and practicing Kalpawas, “said the famous Varanasi forecasters, Hemant Bhaduri, added,” Inspired by a feeling of detachment with harsh savings, perception reaches self-purification.
“Furthermore Bhaduri explained that there were 21 Kaldia’s rules according to Hindu scriptures.
This includes not lying, remains free from household worries, bathing in Ganga three times a day, planting Tulsi plants in the camp, following celibacy, taking food prepared by yourself or wife, attending sermons and sleeping on the ground.
Not wearing gold, not consuming candy or fruits, freedom from worldly concerns, holding back the senses, miss ancestors, following non-violence, luxury rejection is also some rules followed by kalpuwasi.
“Magh Magh Talpwas 2022 will end on February 16 on the occasion of Maghi Purnima,” Bhaduri said.
The famous astrologers highlight other interesting aspects related to Kalpwas.
“Kalpwas all month for Dandi Sanyasi and those who come from the Mithila region in the country starting from Sankranti’s own treason while for others, it starts from Monday.”

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