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Harry Potter’s character is lost in the film

Harry Potter's character is lost in the film
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There is no doubt about the fact that Harry Potter’s book series is one of the largest literature of the modern world.
Well it’s an unforgettable character, fantastic creature, or mystical settings – all managed to succeed in amazing us for decades.
Then, when books were adapted into films, they managed to reach the audience throughout the world.
While the main character gets enough screen time in all films, some small but important characters don’t even get space in it.
Thus, here is seeing the main characters in Harry Potter books that do not appear in the film.
Ludo Bagmanin ‘Harry Potter and Cup’, Bagman plays an important role in organizing and announcing the Quidditch World Cup and Triwizard Tournament.
However, in the film adaptation, it was Cornelius Fudge who announced the World Cup Quidditch, and Dumbledore instead gave instructions to the triwizard champions before each task.
Charlie Weasleyit was quite bad so Bill Weasley played a much smaller role in the film compared to books.
In addition, Charlie did not appear at all.
It would be better if he was given a room at the ‘Harry Potter and the Cup’ for several scenes for the first task of the Triwizard tournament.
Peevesathough There are many ghosts in the Hogwarts castle, Peeves Poltergeist is the most important.
Ghost Crime can always be calculated to cause problems for students and teachers.
Even though he did not have an important role in the plot, but it was strange to see Hogwarts on the screen without his presence.
In the books, he spread rumors about Harry to be the heir of Slytherin, revealing Sirius Black had infiltrated the castle, and joined Fred and George Weasley to terrorize Dolores Umbridge.
Frank and Alice Longbottomas are mentioned in books and films, Neville’s parents are tortured with a Cutse crucatus by death eaters.
In the film, implied that they died, while they appeared in the film when Ron, Harry, and Hermione went to visit Arthur Weasley at St.
Mungo for Magical Maladies and injury.
However, they did not appear at all in the film.
Winky home-elf first appeared in the Quidditch World Cup where he was fired by Barty Crouch Sr., encouraged Hermione to take the Crusades for home rights.
Winky then appeared on Hogwarts, falling into depression and dropping a series of instructions on crouches.
Finally revealed that Winky was assigned to treat Crouch Jr., the delighted death eaters were destroyed from Azkaban and continued to be hidden by his father.
The GauntsDuring The Sixth Book, ‘Harry Potter and Half Prince Blood’, Harry and Dumbledore explores his legacy, childhood, and teenagers Voldemort.
But in the film, pretty much every part of the Voldemort family background and the early years left behind.
This means that the ancestral story of Mrs.
Voldemort, Gaunts, remains a mystery for anyone who hasn’t read a book.
Andromeda and Ted Tonksnymphadora Tonks play a role in helping the Order of Phoenix in the film, but they both cut films.
Andromeda Tonks is a sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, who married Ted Tons of Muggles who were born and rejected by their families.
At Harry Potter and Hallow Death, Harry and Hagrid fled to Tonks’s house before taking Portkey to Burrow, but in the films, they went straight to Weasley’s family’s house after they escaped from Voldemort.

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