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Interview: Sarah J Maas at Crescent City

Interview: Sarah J Maas at Crescent City
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The best-selling writer Sarah J.
Maas returned with the second book that was widely awaited in the Crescent City series.
Titled ‘House of Sky and Breath’, this book was published by Bloomsbury India and it was released on February 15, 2022.
In this interview, Sarah J.
Maas shared details about her new book, the challenge of world development in the City Crescent series, her favorite character of the literature , and much more.

Tell me about ‘house of sky and breath’!
‘House of Sky and Breath’ starts with Bryce and Hunt tries to return to normal after (while) saved the world.
They just got through something very intense together, things that make you very close, and they want to take the time to really know each other! But asteri is still a threat, and they will return to a larger fight.
It’s been two years since the book in the Crescent City series, ‘House of Earth and Blood’ – what is your favorite part to return to this world? I can’t wait to write back about Crescent City.
We must know Bryce and hunt quite well in one book, but I like to spend more time with the rest of the crew.
And of course, I also like …
intensifying bryce and hunt relationships!

In three words, what can the reader expect from this book? Extraordinary steamy time
What do you like most about your women’s hero, Bryce Quinlan? The feeling of his very pleasant humor was very pleasant to be written – and the collection of his star’s fancy horse!
There are many mysteries and intrigues in the series – How do you keep everything straight when writing it? It’s not always easy! I tried to keep a broad note, but more than once my extraordinary editor helped out the elements that were better than mysteries to ensure characters and readers could track.
Who is some of your favorite fictional heroes? Classical Trio: Elizabeth Bennett, Ellen Ripley, and Buffy Summers.
There is a big character supporting character, can you choose the favorite? It must be beaver! They have a special place in my heart, but it is truly impossible to choose a favorite.
The World Crescent City is much more modern than the world of ‘Thorn and Rose Courts’ – What are the best things and challenges of the world building? The best is a modern curse, much easier to use the familiar curse than trying to make a new one from the start.
The biggest challenge is to manage the flow of information in the world of cellphones and text messages.
I have to overcome modern technology to ensure information is revealed at the right speed.
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Maas (@TherealsJmaas)
What do you are if you are in Crescent City? House of Flame and Shadow, no questions.
The cover in this series is very complicated.
How involved are you in the cover design process? Isn’t Carlos Quevedo is an absolute god? Even sketches initially always awaken breath.
I can see the cover in various steps along the road, and it’s always very fun to watch Carlos add more small details and Easter eggs at every step.
What is your favorite details on the cover ‘House of Sky and Breath’? There are so many fun details there, but my favorite is clear Hunt’s ABS!
What did you write next? I work hard on Crescent City 3! It’s very pleasant but different from some important ways of ‘House of Sky and Breath’, like anyone who finished the book can imagine!
There is a vacuum of power after the death of two angels in the ‘House of Earth and Blood’.
Can you tell us about who takes their place? I can tell you that many people will try very hard to take their place, and some of them do not have the best interests of the Crescent City population in the heart.
But it’s why we need bryce and hunt!
If you can have another career besides writing, what is it? I really love beautiful flowers always bring me so much joy and calm and peaceful.
I thought I would love to be a flower seller and bring them vibrations into the lives of others, too.
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