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The Karnataka government ruled out the APMC legal

The Karnataka government ruled out the APMC legal
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Bengaluru: The state government has decided not to revoke the Amendment to the APMC Karnataka Law even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced last year that the center would revoke three controversial agricultural laws.
Some farmers’ bodies have launched protests and siege for Vidhana Soudha demanding APMC legal setback.
Cooperation Minister ST Somashekhar said the state would continue with carnataka agriculture to produce marketing (Amendment and Development) (Amendment) of ACT, 2020 which limited local APMC power and allowed farmers to sell APMC products outside.
In May 2020, the state government has announced regulations to change APMC (regulatory and development) actions which are expected to open agricultural markets, after the center suggests it adopts agricultural and marketing of livestock model laws (promotion and facilitation), 2017.
The amendment is applied to January 2021.
Senior Congress leader Hariprasad Senior BK seek clarity Why the state government is not willing to restore “black law” when the center has attracted them.
Somashekar said the central decision did not have population on the laws of the Karnataka government.
He added that the law was beneficial for farmers, who could get a better price for their products.
“However, if there are complaints – so far, we do not accept – the government is willing to chain legal,” said Minister.

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