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IIIT-Dharwad was inaugurated in April: Pralhad Joshi

IIIT-Dharwad was inaugurated in April: Pralhad Joshi
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Dharwad: Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Union Pralhad Joshi said on Tuesday that the Institute of Information Technology India in Dharwad would be inaugurated in mid-April.
If possible, the permanent campus of the Indian Technology Institute in Dharwad will also be inaugurated on the same occasion.
Stone Foundation for both of these institutions is placed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019 and therefore, and efforts will be made to invite PM and Minister of Education & Skills Union Union Dharmendra Pradhan to inaugurate the two main institutions, he added.
He talked to the media after visiting IIIT-Dharwad at Sattur Colony in Itigatti Road, about seven km from Dharwad on Tuesday.
Joshi said IIIT-Dharwad had risen 60 hectares with an estimated cost of Rs 114 Crore.
The total built-up area is 41,800 square meters and accommodating admin blocks, academic blocks, boys’ hostels with a capacity of 600, health and fitness blocks and director’s residence.
Hostel Girls can accommodate 300 inmates and have been contributed by the Infosys Foundation.
This campus is equipped with all modern facilities including air-conditioned laboratories, natural ventilated classrooms, indoor and outdoor wifi, subit underground electricity, smart road lighting among others.
The institution also accommodates the mega incubation center to facilitate start-up.
Joshi said the Institute must be the center of innovation and rank among the top 100 best institutes.
Graduates who died from this institution must try to bring India to a larger altitude, he said.
The minister said the Modi government has given preference to establish national important institutions such as IIIT, IIT and AIIMS.
At present, India is ranked third in the initial capital and new institutions must make India Hub to start, he said.
Because of the pandemic, the classes are held virtually and the physical class will start from March.
The Institute must partner with IT companies to exchange ideas and student-industry interactions so that students get the exposure to the IT world, Joshi said.
He is sure to get more grants from the center of additional education facilities needed here.
Director IIIt-Dharwad Kavi Mahesh said 834 students had been selected through Jee.
Online class has begun and the Institute has decided to start an offline class from March 15.
400 students will attend offline classes in March and in mid-April, the rest will join.
Specialization for BTECH is computer science and engineering, data science and artificial intelligence, electronic and communication techniques.

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