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Diet plan for the Indian Cricket team in controversy

Diet plan for the Indian Cricket team in controversy
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When it comes to a healthy sport lifestyle, a balanced diet plays an important role.
While the vegetarian diet plan is rich in nutrients, many players follow a non-vegetarian diet that has many variations of meat such as pork, beef, chicken and mutton.
According to the latest report, the Indian cricket team follows a new diet plan that excludes pork and beef in any form, and only halal certified meat is permitted to consume.
Recently, BCCI began the practice of promoting halal (#bcci_promotes_Halal) on Twitter.
According to reports published by no sports, the revised diet plan from the Indian cricket team will not have pork and beef as part of a daily meal plan.
The new food menu will include a counter-day counter, mini breakfast at the stadium, lunch, tea snack time, and dinner at night.
According to experts, players must take care of their eating habits, especially meat products every day, because the new diet plan changes the way they consume meat.
As soon as the news appears on Twitter, the user starts reacting.
Look at the reaction:
A user writes, “according to the report, @BCCI has started a new diet consisting of meat alone Halal! But the question is what is the relationship between health & halal? Forcing non-Muslim communities to buy only halal products is an insult to the freedom of the majority of religion.”
Other users write “We have asked BCCI benefits from halal (take) meat for hygienic meat !! We are also interested in knowing the father of this diet.”
Explain the halal concepts, users write “halal, discriminatory religious practices that promote differentiation of B / W Muslims & non-Muslims! Halal which makes it an explicit discriminatory practice that is undplicitly as untouched! But @bcci why you are too emphasizing halal”.
“The halal process makes it an explicit discriminatory practice that is explicitly as untouched with it is only permitted to be done by a Muslim man.
Non-Muslims are rejected in a halal company intrinsically Islamic practices” other users write.
What do you think about changing this diet plan by BCCI? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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