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Quiz: Are you too stressed at work?

Quiz: Are you too stressed at work?
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Burnout at work is what everyone does, but no one talks about it.
We learn to live with him.
Humans have a tendency to normalize everything that happens to them regularly.
“Burn-out is a syndrome that is conceptualized as a result of chronic work stress that has not been managed Professional efficacy, “said the World Health Organization (WHO).
Burn-out refers specifically for the phenomenon in the context of work and should not be applied to describe experience in other areas of life.
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To understand your efficiency in your skills, it is very important to know what your mental status is at your work place, where you exhibit your skills.
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To find out if you are too stressed at work or not, take this quiz:
Often I feel you have no control over the life of my work.
Others have a remote.
I am afraid of office hours.
I counted the clock to my shift to end.
Every time I don’t make anything on time, I feel guilty or I’m made feel guilty
I use leaves allocated for holidays
I rarely lose my patience at work
I have a good bond with my colleagues, but I stop myself from friends
I like working a lot and rarely feel it too burdensome
I often look forward to the weekend
Even trivial incidents in the office made me upset
Sometimes after the incident I feel I react exaggerated and then I regret it for it
Sometimes in the workplace I sweat, like getting sweaty palms.
Even a meeting scared me to the core
Even when I know certain things I don’t say it thinks I will fool yourself
My family is not happy with working hours and my manners
If you get more than 9 answers, then it’s time for you to see your workspace and make some changes.
Someone needs emotions from yourself when there is a problem.
Accumulate emotions and not give them the opportunity to come out can cause disaster consequences that can sometimes be irreversible too.
Talk to someone.
Believe someone who can hold your problem carefully when you open it in front of them.
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Take expert advice if you feel no one can better understand you.
The therapist will guide you and help you sail through difficulties.
Talk to coworkers, see what he is experiencing.
Take the suggestion from the person.
Build your confidence in the positive things you see in that person.

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